Add Sub-Administrators to Your Account
Written by Sadaf Khan
Updated over a week ago

What are Sub-Admins?

Sub-Admins are additional users on your account who can edit and run ballots.

They will not be able to change anything in your payment or account settings because sub-admins do not have primary administrator access. This means they won't be able to:

If you want certain or all sub-admins to have primary administrator access, we can set this up for you. Send an email to and for each sub-admin, let us know their:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Desired Password

How to Add Sub-Admins to Your Account

  1. Hover over Settings and click Sub Admins.

  2. Create their Username, Password, and enter their Name.

Note: Sub-admins are only available with a Premium plan.

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