Here is a list of all the possible statuses, and what they mean in relation to your FundPortal.

New access request

This is a user who has found your Portal somehow (inbound) and has requested access to your fund's information.

You can learn more about that user by clicking on their details, and decide whether or not you would like to give them access or allow them access your Portal (if you don, don't forget to assign a correct Privilege level!)

Not yet contacted
These are users that you have uploaded to your CRM, but you have never sent any email to invite them. Go ahead, what are you waiting for?

These are users that have the potential to access the portal (since you have approved them already). They have already received at least one email, but never logged in to your portal.

These are the users that have already access to your portal and have logged in at least once in the last 60 days - Find more about them by clicking the 'details' next to their name.

Users that have logged in at least once in your portal, but the last time was more than 60 days ago.
Tip: Go on and send a re-engagement campaign, there might be something here!

Users that you have denied access to your portal - You can change that anytime in the future.

Bounced . This is connected to the campaigns; Once an email can't be delivered (because of a wrong email - more on email statuses here) the user status changes to this.

This is a way to clean your list after you send your emails.  Just filter by this status and remove all the users that are there.

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