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Learn more about creating and using themes in Eitje.

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The handbook consists of different themes. A theme is a topic to which you can add different articles and quiz questions.

➡️ Examples of themes: Menus and price lists / Training for baristas / Manuals for cleaning the appliances.

For each theme, you can choose which team members it is visible to. For example, you can create a theme about the new menu and make it visible only to the serving staff.

Create theme

  1. At the top click on the 'Knowledge' > Handbook.

  2. You can create a new theme in two spots:

    1. In the top right corner click '+ Create' and choose 'New theme'.

    2. Under 'All themes' click 'New theme'.

  3. A window 'New theme' opens. Fill out the title and extra information and select the themes that have access to this theme.

  4. Click 'Save'.

The theme is still empty, so the next step is to create articles and write articles and test your team members' knowledge by adding quiz question.

Publish theme

The theme still needs to be published. Only admins and team members with the manager role can see the theme and its content when it is not published. To publish the theme, you toggle the switch on. As soon as you turn it on, all team members in the teams will have access to the theme.

⚠️ Note: Are there unpublished articles in the theme? Then, when you publish the theme, you will be asked if you want to publish all the articles as well. Team members will only see the articles in a theme that are published. Unpublished articles and themes get the 'draft' label.

Edit theme

Would you like to change the name, description, or photo of the theme? Then click on the relevant theme and then on the three dots on the left side. You can also adjust the teams that have access to the theme and (un)publish the theme.

Change order in theme

You can change the order of the articles and quiz questions in a theme by clicking the little arrows on the right side or by dragging them.

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