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Write articles for your team members to onboard them or keep them updated about changes in the business.

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In Eitje, you can write articles to share information with your team members. You can either write an article yourself or upload a PDF.

Articles can be added to a theme. If you do not add them to a theme, they will be listed in the 'Other articles' section.

Theme: A theme is a collection of articles and quiz questions. The articles are only visible to the teams that have access to the theme.

Other articles: This is a collection of all articles that are not linked to a theme. These articles are visible to all team members of the venue.

⚠️ Note: You can only create and write articles in the web version of Eitje. However, you can view articles and themes in the app.

Create article

  1. At the top click on the 'Knowledge' > Handbook.

  2. You can create a new article in three places:

    1. Click on '+ Create' in the top right corner, then on 'Create article'.

    2. Under the 'Other articles' section, click on 'Create Article'.

    3. Create an article within a theme. For this, you first need to create a theme.

  3. Give the article a title.

  4. If desired, select the theme you want to add the article to. You can also add it to multiple themes.

    ⚠️ Note: Als je geen thema selecteert om het artikel aan toe te voegen, dan zal het artikel in de sectie 'Losse artikelen' terechtkomen. If you do not select a theme to add the article to, it will end up in the 'Other articles' section.

  5. You will then have the option to write your own article in Eitje or add a PDF file. Read more about PDF files here.

Write article

If you choose to write an article yourself, you will enter the article editor, which is similar to Microsoft Word and easy to use. The article editor offers many features, such as formatting options. Click in the empty window to start writing.

By clicking on the plus icon, you can add various elements to the article, such as text fields, but also photos, embedded videos, and tables.

To remove an element, select it and then click on the trash can.

Your article is only visible to admins and team members with the manager role as long as it has not been published. You can publish it by toggling the switch next to the article.

⚠️ Note: If the theme is already published but the article is not, then team members will not be able to see the article even though the rest of the theme is visible.

When you are finished writing, click 'Submit' in the top right corner to save it.

Add article to theme

If you haven't added an article to a theme yet, you can do this either through the article itself or via the theme.

Add an article to a theme via a theme:

  1. Click on the theme to which you want to add an article.

  2. Click on 'Select article'.

  3. Select the article you want to add. This will be automatically saved.

Add article to a theme via the article:

  1. Click on the article.

  2. On the right side, select the themes you want to add the article to. This will be automatically saved.

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