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Functions and skills
Functions and skills

Learn how to create functions and skills in Eitje

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With functions and skills, you can clearly display what each team member is capable of. You can also use these functions when making the schedule, so you know who has which skills. Read more here about using functions in the planning.

What are functions and skills?

Skills are things team members are capable of.
➡️ Voorbeeld: Check cash register / Mix cocktails / Set up Eitjeopdevloer / Turn off alarm system

Functions are a combination of skills that a team member masters. You can assign a function to a shift or a team member.

➡️ Voorbeeld: Shift leader / Bartender / Manager / Opener

Example: To obtain the function 'Opener' you need to possess the following skills: Open the cash register / Set up Eitjeopdevloer / Open the safe / Turn off alarm system

Create a function

  1. At the top click on the 'Knowledge' > Handbook.

  2. Click on 'Create new function'.

  3. Fill out all fields:

    1. Name: Name of the function

    2. Change abbreviation: This letter will be shown on the schedule so you can easily recognise the function.

    3. Team: Indicate for which team this function is relevant.

    4. Color: The color this function gets on the planning.

    5. Active on schedule: The function is displayed on the schedule

  4. Click Submit

Create a skill

  1. At the top click on the 'Knowledge' > Handbook.

  2. Click on 'Create skill'.

  3. Type the name of the skill directly in the field. This will be saved automatically.
    ⚠️ Let op: You can link skills to a function after creating them. Skills that are not linked to a function will be listed under 'Unassigned skills'.

Connect skill to a function

  1. At the top click on the 'Knowledge' > Handbook.

  2. Click on 'Add skill' under the function to which you want to add the skill. You can add a skill to multiple functions.

  3. Select the skills you want to add. This will be saved automatically.
    ⚠️ Note: Did you create a function but didn't link a skill to it? Then it will not appear on the schedule. A function must always contain at least one skill.

💡 Tip: If you want to add just one skill or label to a team member, such as 'Driver's license', you can also create a function with only one skill in it. You would create a 'Driver's license' function and add a 'Possesses driver's license' skill.

Read here how to assign skills and functions to team members

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