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Edit shifts

You can edit a shift in multiple ways.

Updated over a week ago

Did you create a shift and want to make an adjustment? You can adjust one shift or multiple shifts at once.

Edit one shift

Do you want to move a shift to another day? You can do this by dragging the shift to the desired day.

โš ๏ธ Note: You can't move a shift with team member to a specific day? That is because the person is already scheduled for that day and time.

Want to change something else about the shift? You can do this by clicking on the shift and adjusting the necessary fields. If this is an already published shift of a team member, this team member will receive a notification that the shits has been adjusted.

Edit multiple shifts

Do you want to make the same adjustment to multiple shifts in the schedule?

  1. Click on 'Tools' on the right.

  2. Click on 'Edit multiple shifts'.

  3. Tick the boxes of the shifts that you want to delete.

  4. Click on 'Perform action' on the bottom of your screen.

  5. Click on 'Edit shifts'.

  6. Choose the fields you want to adjust.

  7. Click on 'Submit'.

You can adjust the following fields:

  • Start time/end time

  • Published

  • Meal allowance

  • Note

  • Break time

  • Shift type

You can also save the shifts as a template, delete them, change the publish status and adjust the pick-up status.

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