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Duplicate and edit
Duplicate and edit

Read more about duplicating and editing exports.

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You can duplicate and/or edit a custom-made export or an export from the library.


Go to 'Data' > Custom-made exports. If you click on an export in the library or one of your own exports in your list, you will navigate to the page with more information about this export. In the top right corner, choose 'Duplicate'. The format of the export will be exactly the same. The title will also be duplicated and gets a number after it, for example 'Personnel file 2'. If you want to adjust the copied export, you can click 'Edit'.


Do you want to edit an existing export? Then choose the export and click 'Edit'. You can now add or delete data and adjust the sorting, format and filters. You can also change the name and description of the export, as well as who can see the export.

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