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Ready-made exports
Ready-made exports

Use one of the ready-made exports to export your schedule, labour costs and worked hours.

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In Eitje you can make use of ready-made exports to export your data. You can find these exports by navigating to 'Data' > Ready-made exports.

⚠️ Note: In these standard exports you find data that are often used. You can apply some filters like contract type and the period, but other than that you cannot personalise the exports because of the custom layout. Do you want more control over the data in your export? Then check out the library or create your own export.

After exporting you can find the file by clicking on 'Notifications' in the top right corner. Under 'Ready-made exports' you can then find the exported files.

💡 Tip: You can find an example file for each standard export to get an idea of how your data are presented.


You can easily export the schedule to an Excel file. So you can print the schedule and hang it somewhere. You can also find this export by clicking the 'Tools' button on the schedule. There are two options:

  • As a table: Export your schedule in a grid with your team members on the left.

  • As a list with shifts: Get all the shifts sorted on time below each other.

Time registration

You can also find this export by going to 'Hours' > Tools > Export hours. There are four different options to choose from:

  • Per team member: This provides a comprehensive insight into all the hour entries of your team members.

  • Per team: A simple overview of the hour entries per team per day.

  • Per day: A simple overview of the hour entries per day per team member.

  • Quick entry: A handy overview with all the data for your payroll administration.

⚠️ Note: Only approved hours will appear in the export.

It is also possible to integrate you payroll administration with Eitje. Read more about the different integrations of Eitje.

Labour costs

Do you want insight into the labour costs for a certain period, for example last month? You have two options for the format:

  • Overview: In this file, both the revenue and labour costs are shown per day.

  • Per team: You can see the revenue and labour costs and how your teams compare to each other.

Does the layout of the exports not meet your wishes? You can also create your own export or have a look in the library.


Do you use Connexie or Horecalonen? Then you can make use of these exports and import them into Connexie or Horecalonen.

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