Use one of the pre-made exports to export information.

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The library consists of exports that we have already put together. They contain data that you often need, such as the contact details of your team members or the amount of worked hours per month. You can also download an example file of the exports, to get an idea of how your data will be presented in the export.

The exports in the library are, unlike the ready-made exports, easily adjustable to your wishes. Is there data missing or does it have data that you don't need? You can easily edit the export so it contains exactly the data that you want.

Do you want to create your own export? Read here which steps to take.

Exports in the library

We already pre-made these exports for you:

⚠️ Note: The titles and descriptions of the library exports are in Dutch. Below you find an explanation of what each table contains.

  • Personeelsbestand = Personnel file: A file with all the personal information of your team members. You an easily delete data that you don't need.

  • Contactgegevens teamleden = Contact data of team members: This export contains the names, phone numbers and email addresses of your team members. Easy to print and hang somewhere if you need to be able to quickly contact someone.

  • Totale uren = Total hours: Do you want an overview of all the hours (worked hours, leave hours, sick hours, special leave hours) of your team members? Then this export is great for that.

  • Gewerkte uren = Worked hours: This is an overview of all the worked shifts of your team members, with start and end time, break time and meals.

  • Geplande shifts: = Planning shifts: This export is an overview of the shifts on the planning, with start and end time, break time, type of shift, meals and allowances.

  • Verlofverzoeken = Leave requests: This export shows the leave requests of your team members, with start and end of leave, the reason for leave and the amount of leave hours taken.

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