Welcome to Engraffo! Engraffo is the first content hosting, link-delivery and analytics platform for STM publishers and their life science customers - in addition to agencies and other intermediary users.

Engraffo’s goal is to provide you with data transparency, link functionality, presentation tools, and relevant performance metrics to drive HCP engagement objectives. Here is a five-step guide to help you get started.

Step 1: Get Invited

Open your invitation email

Engraffo can only be accessed by invitation. Please keep an eye out for an email invitation from the sales team (publisher or agency) managing your Project, or from one of your teammates who has already been invited.

Didn’t receive the email?

If you don’t receive your invitation email, check your spam folder! If it's not there, make sure the sales team has your correct email address. Lastly, it may be a corporate firewall or filtering issue, in which case you'll need to contact your administrator.

Step 2: Sign Up for Engraffo

Use your Invitation Email to sign up for Engraffo.

Click the "Register" button in your Invitation Email to open the Engraffo registration page. Here, you can update your contact and company information, create your password, and access your first Engraffo Project!

Step 3: Access your Project

Open your first Project from the Engraffo dashboard.

Once you’ve logged in, you will see your first Project on your dashboard. Click anywhere on the Project card to open it.

When you open your Project, you will be able to review the information provided by your Project’s publisher, including:

  • Project and Article reference information

  • Current Status of Project

  • Project Overview / Requests

  • Tracked Links

  • Project Layout(s)

  • Assets Included in this Project

  • Project Statistics

  • Link Statistics

  • Asset-level Statistics

To add colleagues to collaborate with you on your Projects, navigate to the Team Settings section (from the left menu), click on Add New Member, and enter their name and email address and click Save.

Preview your Project

Simply click on the Project Preview button in the top right corner of your Project page to view your Project at any time, as it will appear to your audience. Accessing your Project through Engraffo will never consume any of your purchased views. Additionally, you can view Performance analytics by clicking on the More Options menu in the upper right corner of your screen and selecting Toggle Performance (your audience will not see this feature).

Make a Project Request

Use Engraffo’s Project Request module to make requests, submit any required documentation, or ask questions to your Project’s publisher. Don’t worry, all of your questions are confidential. Learn more

Approve your Project

When your Project has received the proper approvals from your team, you can approve it through Engraffo by clicking on the Approve button in the Current Status box. This will NOT activate your Project – it will simply tell your Project’s publisher that you have approved the current state of the Project and that no more changes are required.

Step 4: Activate your Project

Activate your Project

When you are ready for your Project to go live, simply click on the Activate button in the Current Status box. Your Project link(s) will instantly become live/public, views will begin counting, and your expiration timeframe will kickstart.

You can pause your Project at any time if necessary, which will disable your link(s) but not your expiration timeframe.

Create New Project Links

Tracked Links is a feature on Engraffo Plus that allows you to create and name new Project links to distinguish marketing campaign efforts, sales reps, or A/B testing – and collect unique analytics on each. Any link created within a Project will consume from the same pool of purchased views, though you can limit each link if you prefer. You can assign your links to point to any Project Layout (see below). Learn more

Create Project Layouts

Project Layouts is a feature on Engraffo Plus intended to give you full control of your Project presentation, which is particularly useful when you have multiple assets or different versions of the same asset (ex. English and German versions). Project Layouts let you add, remove, or 'reshuffle' your project assets. You can assign new links to point to any Project Layout. This feature can serve as a great A/B testing mechanism for marketing teams. Learn more

Step 5: Ask for Help

Engraffo Support is here to help!

We provide you with US-based customer support from 9am to 9pm ET, Monday through Friday.

In-App Support

Reach us via our in-app support form by clicking the Support button in the top-right corner of your screen or Live Chat button in the lower-right corner from any page within the Engraffo application.


If you run into any issues accessing your Engraffo account, you can also reach us via email at support@engraffo.com.

Help Center

Select Help Center from the main Engraffo website (https://engraffo.com) to find advice and answers from the Engraffo team.

Additional resources:

General Support Articles

How-to Articles

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