How to view Customer balances

Learn the two ways to view balances and print Accounts Receivable reports

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There are several ways to see a Customer’s balance:

A/R Aging Report

Go to the Reports page and then A/R Aging. This Report shows all balances (in red) and credits (in green) and how past due each balance is.

a/r aging report in Enrollsy

Here’s what you can on this Report:

  • Choose a back date using the date picker

  • Export the Report (into a CSV/spreadsheet)

  • Print the Report

  • Print the Report as a PDF (see how to do that here)

  • Send text messages to everyone on the Report by clicking the SMS bubble

  • Click the email icon to copy everyone’s email addresses

  • Click Past Due Notices to print or save past due notices

Enrollee Table Page

You can also create custom Reports on the Enrollee Table page that includes the following:

  • Sorting columns based on balances

  • Sending text messages (for past due notices, for example)

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on Columns at the top and ensure “Balance” is checked under “Account.”

  2. Click Balance” twice to reorder the red balances to the top.

  3. Select the accounts you want to send a text message then click the bulk SMS icon.

  4. Click the email icon to copy all their email addresses, paste them into your BCC field, and send a message to your email account.

If you’re sending an overdue balance message, here is an example:

“You have an overdue balance. Please log in to [LINK TO ACCOUNT LOGIN] to pay your balance.”

Invoices Page

Go to the Invoices page. Here you can do the following:

  • Current Invoices

  • Partial Paid Invoices

  • Paid Invoices

  • Future Invoices

To view past due or “due now” Invoices, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are in the proper Location (if you have more than one) in the upper-right corner.

  2. Change the dates in the Calendar.

  3. Click on the “Current Invoices” box to see Invoices that are either past due or due now.

    view current invoices in Enrollsy
  4. Select Invoices on the left and print or export them.

  5. Click on “Details” on the right to view additional details.

  6. Click on the Primary Account Holder’s name to go to that Account’s Billing page.

  7. Click on the Enrollee’s name to go to that Enrollee’s timeline.

  8. Click on the Class to go to that Class (on the Classes page).

  9. On this page, you can also see who has Auto-Pay on or off.

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