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How to Create a Custom Report
How to Create a Custom Report

Learn how to filter and export Enrollee/Class data [UPDATED]

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This support article will discuss how you can create almost any custom report using primarily two buttons on the Enrollee Table page.

Columns And Column Order

Clicking the Columns button opens a drawer that allows you to manage columns and column orders.

Showing And Hiding Columns

The default tab is the SHOW / HIDE tab when the drawer opens.

Column selector tabs in Enrollsy

You can show or hide four categories of fields using a "Select all" check box or selecting them one at a time.

  • Enrollment

    • Tags

    • Enrolled (date)

    • Class > Name/Class Selection List/Time/Pricing Credit Category

    • Location

    • Days

    • Payment Plan Type

    • Payment Plan Name

  • Enrollee

    • Photo

    • Enrollee

    • Options from your Enroll Form Fields under "Enrollee Info" (visible default fields plus any custom fields)

  • Account

    • Contact (icon to text or copy email)

    • Account name

    • On File (payment information is on file)

    • Has PIN

    • Balance (account balance)

    • Email

    • Account First and Last Name

    • Options from your Enroll Form Fields under "Account Info" (visible default fields plus any custom fields)

  • Program Options

    • All Program Options under that Enrollment Period (i.e., "Program Name," "Schedule," etc.)

    • Any Program Forms and fields entered in the Enroll Form under the "Program Selection" section

We provide a way to create a nickname for each custom field label. This way, you have the context of the custom field label (or the intake question) before creating a shortened column header using a nickname.

Custom field alias in Enrollsy

Hint: Using nicknames keeps column headers from getting unwieldy:

Column length issue without using an alias in Enrollsy

Custom field without a nickname displayed in the table

Column length issue with using an alias in Enrollsy

Custom field with a nickname displayed in the table

‍Reordering Columns

To reorder the columns, you have selected to display, switch to the Reorder tab and drag them up or down.

Reordering columns of data in Enrollsy

Then click Done to make your changes take effect.

reorder columns in Enrollsy

‍Custom table view in Enrollsy

Compare the table at the top of the page to the table above. With this feature, you can control your views, which are unique per user. If you need to view specific information for enrollment purposes, but someone else you work with needs a view for billing purposes, you can each have your own.

We have enhanced this feature by letting you save views.

Filtering Columns

Filters are powerful ways to refine your dataset further. Every field type has different options for filtering, so rather than explaining them all, here are just a few worth taking note of:

  • Age filter and Account Balance - allow you to set a Min and Max value.

  • Enrolled - enables you to pick a date range.

  • Payment Plans - enables you to choose one or more specific Payment Plan types (scheduled, installment, or subscription) or one or more specific Payment Plans by name.

  • Single and Multi-Select fields (including Program Options) - allow you to choose one or many options.

When a filter has been selected, it will show up as a chip that can be removed from the filter with a click.

Filter chips in Enrollsy

You can save these filters per user to quickly access frequently used filters.

And/Or Logic

To assist you in finding the data you are searching for we have added the ability to have and/or logic with Tags and multi-select custom fields on the Enrollees Table. This means you can filter the table to only show rows that have ALL of the Tags selected, or you can show the rows that have AT LEAST ONE of the Tags selected.

When you open the filters and select more than one Tag or multi-select value a box will display underneath your selection asking which form of logic you want. The default is 'OR' which is how the filter was working before this change.

The chip displaying the applied filter will also show an icon of what type of logic you selected.

Saving Custom Report as a View

Views are the filter and column preferences you set, which populate the Enrollees Table with the data you want to see, download, or take other actions.

To create a Saved View, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Columns button and make sure to Show / Hide and Reorder the data columns for the view you want. Then click Done.

    Hiding, showing, and reordering data in the Enrollees table of Enrollsy

    NOTE: You can currently only select up to 30 columns simultaneously.

  2. Click the Filter button and apply filters to the dataset.

    Applying filters to the Enrollees Table in Enrollsy

    NOTE: You can apply filters, columns, or both. Any single modification to the dataset will create a View.

  3. Click the Views button. Then select the Save View button at the bottom of the drawer that slides over. Give your view a name and click Save.

    Naming and saving a View in Enrollsy's Enrollees Table

You can create as many Saved Views as you need. To load a Saved View, click the Views button and select the Saved View you want. See How to create Saved Views on the Enrollee Table for more details.

Selecting Enrollees

Check the box at the top to select all, OR check the box(es) next to the rows you want to export.

NOTE: Make sure you page through if you have a list of more than 100 and need to select all. You will be able to click select all on each page of the table until you see the correct total selected in the little bubble at the top.

Printing Or Exporting Custom Reports

Once you have all your data prepared as you want it, you can print or export it. To achieve this, select the records you wish to include (using the Select all checkbox or individual checkboxes to the left of the table) and then click the download or print icon.

print custom reports in Enrollsy

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