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  • You can issue full and partial refunds of credit card transactions posted AFTER the same day. (For same-day payments, you will need to void the payment. Learn how to do that here.

  • If your merchant account provider is CARD CONNECT, you can ONLY issue FULL REFUNDS of electronic check (ACH) transactions (partial refunds are not available)

  • If your merchant account provider is EnrollsyPay, you CAN issue partial ACH refunds.

  • You MUST do an Additional Step of EITHER adjusting the original charge OR adding a credit to balance the account. See below for more details.

  • If you need to refund more than one payment transaction, you must do each one individually. You cannot refund MORE than the charge. For example, you have two credit card payments of $100 each. You want to give a refund of $200. You will need to refund EACH transaction separately.

  • DO NOT use the Refund under Post Transaction (this is ONLY for checks or cash refunds). Take a look at this article for how to refund a check or cash payment.

  • If your company has more than one merchant account set up at a particular location, a payment processed at one location can only be refunded by Admin Users within that location.

    • For example, a company has two locations and two different merchant accounts. One location/merchant account is labeled "Desert Peak." A credit card payment of $50 is posted through that merchant account. An Admin User from the location "Valley" cannot refund the $50 payment because it is attached to "Desert Peak." Only Admin Users in "Desert Peak" can issue the refund. ‍

Refund Payment

  1. Click "Refund Payment."

  2. Then leave the amount as is for a full refund, or change it to the desired partial refund amount.

  3. Click Confirm.

full refund for credit cards and ACH payments in Enrollsy

Full Refund

partial refund for credit cards and ACH payments in Enrollsy

Partial Refund

Additional Step (mandatory)

Enrollsy allows the flexibility for Customers to pay any amount on the Customer App. The trade-off is that Admins must do an additional step after refunding a credit card transaction.

***If you do a Refund, you will need to do ONE of the following options (NOT both)!***

1- ADJUST Original Charge

One option is to edit the original Charge. Follow the steps below. If you would rather create a credit to balance out the account, go down to 2-Add a Credit to Offset the Original Tuition.

  • Add a New Charge Item - Add a new Charge Item that describes what you charge when you give someone a refund (if applicable).

    • For example, if you charge a 5% cancellation fee, then you would name it "Cancellation Fee." Or if you refund all but the processing fee, use or create a processing fee charge item.

  • Edit or Delete the Original Charge - Next, you will need to either edit or delete the original charge (the charge you are refunding):

    • Click the vertical dot menu button to the right of the Charge (Tuition, Registration Fee, etc.) you need to adjust.

      Edit original tuition in Enrollsy

    • Click Edit and scroll to the bottom and change the Charge Item to your refund Charge Item (see above) or leave it at "Misc Credit."

    • Next, adjust the amount by deducting the amount you refunded from the Original Charge and entering the result.

      • EXAMPLE:

        • You issued a FULL refund of $200, and if the original charge was $200, then you would have to DELETE the original charge OR if you have a cancellation fee of 5%, enter $10 under the "Cancellation Fee" (or whatever you call it) Charge Item.

        • NOTE: You cannot make the Tuition or a Cancellation Fee "0"

        • You issued a PARTIAL refund of $175 on the original charge of $200; then, you would enter $25 under Tuition ($200 - refund amount of $175 = $25). If your Cancellation Fee is 5%, enter $10 for the Cancellation Fee and $15 for the Tuition (as shown below).

        • NOTE: This will NOT charge an additional charge; you will only be adjusting the amount.

          adjusting the original charge in a credit card or ach refund in Enrollsy

2- Add a Credit to Offset the Original Charge

**NOTE: If you did the 1st step, DO NOT do this one too.**

Another option to offset the refund (and balance out the account) is to add a credit to the account in the same amount as the refund (whether a full or partial refund).

For example:

  • If you issued a FULL refund of $100 and the original Charge was $100, then you can post a CREDIT of $100 to balance out the account.

  • If the original Charge was $100 and you posted a PARTIAL refund of $25, then you would post a CREDIT of $25.

Follow the steps below to post a credit:

  • Post Transaction/Credit - Click the three vertical dots beside the Printer icon to post a transaction on the person's account.

    post transaction to offset original tuition in Enrollsy

    Click "Post Credit"

    post a credit for a refund in Enrollsy

  • Enter Refund Amount - Enter the refund amount to offset the original Charge and balance the account.

  • Change the Discount Item - Change the Discount Item to the proper credit, or leave "Misc Credit."

See the screen recording to see how this all works:

Give a credit for refund in Enrollsy
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