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There are two ways to view completed or not completed Documents. The first (and best!) is to set this up in the Admin Notification Center. Each Admin has their own customizable Notification Center, and now you can be automatically notified when Enrollees have either completed or NOT completed the Documents you send out.

Document Notification Center

The Notification Center is your OWN PERSONAL Notification Center. No other Admin User shares that particular Notification Center.

The Notification Center can be accessed by clicking on the bell icon in the upper-right corner:

document notifications in Enrollsy

Click "Documents" on the right side to open up any incomplete Document notifications:

document notifications in Enrollsy

You can do the following within the Documents Notification Center:

  • Click on "View" to view the Document to redirect you to the Documents Tab (see below).

  • Click "Dismiss" to dismiss the notification (and it will be deleted from your Notification Center.

  • Send a reminder to customers for incomplete E-signature Documents by clicking "Send Reminder."

Documents Tab

You can also see completed and not completed Documents on the Documents Tab in Enrollsy (under Enrollees/Students on the left sidebar). There you'll see a list of active enrollments. You can filter this list by Program name or by Enrollee name:

Active enrollments in Enrollsy

You can also filter using the Document finder button. This button allows you to create filters and even save them for use later. Don't worry; the filters you create for you aren't seen by others, so that each user can have their filters. Once you have saved filters, you can select them to see a variety of things, including quickly

  • Who has not signed or submitted Documents

  • Who has signed or submitted a Document that is expired

  • Who has signed or submitted a Document that is expiring in 7, 30, or 90 days

  • And who has not signed or submitted a Document

    how to filter documents in Enrollsy

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