How to Create a Class

Learn how to add Classes under your Programs

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You will need a Program with a Class inside of it with a Capacity of at least (1) one in order to open enrollment.

While creating Classes is easy to do, there are some nuances to the options that you should be aware of. The table below demonstrates how some settings are inherited from the Program or need to be set within the Class directly depending on the Enrollment Model you've selected for a given Program.

Classes In Programs of this Enrollment Model


Start & End Time

Start & End Dates + Holidays



Set in the Class

Set in the Class

Inherit from Program

Inherit from the Program

Days per Week

Set in the Class

Set in the Class

Inherit from Program

Inherit from the Program


Set in the Class

Set in the Class

Set in the Class

Inherit from the Program OR Set in the Class

Additionally, there are two types of Classes and additional settings you'll want to be aware of. These are described in this article under Class Types.

To create a Class, navigate to the Classes page (this may be called something else if you've customized it, i.e., Sessions, Groups, etc.).

Step 1 - Add Class

Next, select the Program to which you want to add a Class. Click the Add Class button on the right.

Step 2 - Class Details

Next, you'll get a little drawer on the right side where you can set up the details of the Class, including the class Name, Instructor(s), Capacity, and more.

Here, you will enter the Class name and select the Instructors for the Class. Check out this support article if you need to know how to add an Instructor. Then enter the maximum number of Enrollees the Class can have under "Capacity."

how to create a class in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Class Description

You can also enter a Class Description, which is entirely optional. This description can be formatted with headings, paragraphs, colors, etc.

add class description in Enrollsy

NOTE on Class Description: Class descriptions can be viewed at enrollment by clicking on "Details" under the Class Name:

add a class description in Enrollsy

Step 4 - When Class Happens

Next, you will need to enter when the Class happens. Add a start and end time and set the dates when the Class occurs.

Weekly Schedule

This example is for a Class that occurs every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from December 6 to March 30:

add class times in Enrollsy

Pick Dates (doesn't recur)

This example is for a Class meeting on specific dates:

pick class dates in Enrollsy

Step 5 - Email Reminder

The last step is to set up the Email Reminder (optional).

set up class email reminder in Enrollsy

You can preview the email notification (however, it tends to be very tiny). Here is the preview email enlarged:

class notification reminder in Enrollsy
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