How to create a new Charge Item

Save time by setting up charge items (i.e. registration fee, late fee, etc.)

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Charge Items are things that you charge money for. Often, these are line items added to enrollment, but they can also be used internally to build an invoice (or series of charges on a particular date/time).

Charge Item Options

Head over to the My Company > Items tab. Click the blue plus in the top right next to the Charge Items. Name it and click the boxes next to the Item types that apply, then click "Save."


  • Standard Fees - Charged from the Enroll Form

  • Card Processing Fees/Taxes - Automatically charged on every electronic payment (e.g., "Convenience Fee" of 2% on credit card payments or "Sales Tax" of 6.85% on every payment).

    NOTE: These will not be charged when purchasing a Gift Card.

type option for charge items in Enrollsy

Recurs with Tuition

If this charge item is an add-on to tuition and should recur with Auto-Billing events, such as tuition, then use this setting.


  • Required at Enrollment - Must be paid for at enrollment.

  • Optional at Enrollment - Not required at enrollment.

required option for charge items in Enrollsy


This used to be called "Calculated." The options are:

  • Quantity is not specified

  • When purchasing this item, quantity can be specified - Allows you to set a price per unit, and allows the Enrollee to enter the desired quantity at enrollment. The total due is calculated for them.

quantity option for charge items in Enrollsy

Hide on Pay-in-Full

If "Yes" is chosen, this Charge Item should not be an option if tuition is paid in full.

hide on pay-in-full option for charge items in Enrollsy

Payment Plans

  • Enabled for Payment Plans - Can be included in Payment Plans (Payment Plans allow Enrollees to pay for their total amount due over time).

  • Due at enrollment - Is due at enrollment.

NOTE: If neither, leave it on "Enabled for Payment Plans"

payment plan option for charge items in Enrollsy

Prepayment (feature to come)

This should be used when you need to collect a prepayment before enrollment. You then choose an associated Charge Item that this prepayment will eventually be credited toward at a later time using the associated Charge Item.

prepayment charge item in Enrollsy

NOTE: A lot is going on with these settings, and in some cases, you might be unsure how to set up your new fee. If this is the case, click here to learn how to contact Enrollsy support, and we can point you in the right direction.

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