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How to Add Content to a Program

Uploading Zoom meetings, YouTube links, Vimeo links, and other Content to your Enrollees to view in the Customer Portal

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Some of your Programs may be remote-only Programs or Classes, and you need to provide your Enrollees' links to gated content like Zoom meeting links, Google Meet links, YouTube links, Vimeo links, or other content.

Allow Permission to Manage Content

  • Make sure your Admin User has role permissions to manage Program content. The permission is called "Manage Content." The Admin User can manage role permissions in "My Company" -> Users" tab -> "Admins." See this support article for more detailed instructions.

  • You can also allow your Instructors to manage the content of the Enrollees that they have access to. This can be done within the Instructor Portal. (You will need to enable the "Manage Content" role permission for the Instructor users as well. See this support article for how to edit Instructor permissions).

How to Add Content

Step 1 - Select Program

Go to the Content page (Classes on left menu > Content tab). Select the Program for which you want to add Content. Then click the add button.

select program to add content to in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Specify Classes

You can make Content intended for all Classes within the Program, or specify a list of Classes that should be able to access it.

Step 3 - Title & Links

Create a Title and choose the link type:

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • Meeting (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.)

  • Any weblink

Copy and paste the URL (the web page address, document, video, etc.).

add content in Enrollsy

Step 3b - How to Add a Document

To add a document as content, copy the URL of where the document is hosted. This can be in Google Docs or OneDrive (open the document and copy the URL in the address bar. Paste that address where it says "URL").

Step 4 - Add Description

Choose between keeping the Basic description or adding an Advanced description. Add a description of the Content and any instructions necessary.

  • Basic - When Basic is selected, it will use the current generic design and a basic text description

  • Advanced - Adding an Advanced description allows you to control the image and all preview content using a Rich Text editor.

edit content in Enrollsy

Step 4b - How to add an Image

To add an image, click on the image icon within the Advanced settings. The image has to be hosted somewhere. This can be in Google Photos (not Google Docs).

Open the image and right-click. Click "Copy Image Address" and paste it into the "Source" box. A size should pop up under "width" and "height." Adjust this to fit the space. (NOTE: If the size does not show up, the source is incorrect.)

Step 5 - Moving Content

Each block of Content can easily be moved up or down using the drag-and-drop icon in the upper-left corner.

Example Content:

After you have Content created for a Program, here are some examples of Content and how Enrollees view it in the Customer Portal.

Document Example

example of document content in Enrollsy

Meeting Example

meeting example in Enrollsy student content

YouTube Example

vimeo content in Enrollsy

Vimeo Video Example

Vimeo content in Enrollsy

Web Link Example

web link content in Enrollsy
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