How to Print Receipts and Statements

Print customer payment receipts and account statements as an Admin

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Whether you are an Admin user or a Customer logged into the Customer Portal, you can print payment receipts and account statements.


See the steps below to learn how!

Note: Currently, this print functionality is only available from the website application (logged in on an internet browser like Chrome or Safari). It is not available within the iOS and Android mobile apps.

How to Print Receipts

Step 1 - Find Transaction History

First, make sure you're in the right place. Customers can find their "Transaction History" from the menu > Transactions. Admins search for the Account scrolling down to "Transaction History" under the Billing tab.

Step 2 - Create Receipt

Click "Create Receipt" in the menu to the right of a Payment Transaction. NOTE: Customer View will ONLY have "Create Receipts" listed in the menu.

Step 3 - Select Transactions

Select Charge Transactions to include as line items in the Receipt.


Step 4 - Print

Click "Print" in the blue banner at the bottom of your screen. Here you can send the Receipt to a printer or save it as a PDF to email.


About Account Statements

Print a statement of Payments and Transactions from an Account's Transaction History. Both Admins AND Customers can print statements.

There are currently two options:

  1. Transaction Statement

    This statement shows (for a specified period) the following information:

  2. Transaction Summary

    This statement is a summary of all transactions made within a specified period and looks like this example:

How to Print a Statement

printing a statement in Enrollsy

Step 1

Click the print icon and "Print Statement" at the top-right of the Transaction History.

Step 2

Select the desired date range and click "Load" then "Print." Send the statement either to a printer or save it as a PDF to email.


Printing Tips

A frequently asked question we get is: I prefer not to print this to paper; I want a PDF or something to attach to an email message.

How to add the Company tax ID

An Admin User can add it by going to My Company > My Company Settings.

Scroll down until you see the Tax ID Number. Enter it there and click Save Settings on the page.

access Tax ID in Enrollsy
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