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These instructions are from the Customer Portal. If you are an Admin, please click here to learn how to view or print a statement for an Account Holder.

If you are a Primary Account Holder or Secondary Account Holder (with access), please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Transactions

Click on Transactions from the Menu:

transactions summary in Enrollsy Customer portal

Step 2 - Print Transaction Summary

Click the Print Transaction Summary at the top-right of the Transaction History:

transaction summary in Enrollsy Customer portal

Step 3 - Select Dates

Select the dates of the Summary and click Load, then Load.

print transaction summary in Enrollsy Customer portal

Step 4 - Open in Browser (Computer)

The system will direct you to print in one of the following browsers:

how to print a statement on a computer in Enrollsy customer portal

Step 4b - Sign in to Browser (Phone)

The system will direct you to open Enrollsy in a browser. You will need to use one of the browsers shown in the message below (this is the message you will see; click "Open in Browser to Print").

open browser to print an Enrollsy statement in customer portal

You will also see a message asking if you want to open the link on an external page in your browser. Click OK.

notice to open external page in browser in Enrollsy customer portal

After that, you will be redirected to the sign-in page. Sign in again using your login credentials.

Step 5 - Repeat Steps 1-3

After signing in, repeat Steps 1 through 3 in your browser window after signing in.

Step 6 - Print or Save as a PDF

After clicking Print, either "Save as a PDF" or print the document from the Print screen. After printing it as a PDF, you can email the statement as an attachment.

print or save Enrollsy statement

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