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how to create a required document in Enrollsy

You can add a required Document (NOT for E-signature) and make it available for your customer to download, complete, and/or sign and then upload back to you.

What do we mean by "Required"? Any Document that you require of at least ONE Customer is a Required Document. With Enrollsy, YOU get to set your requirements of who receives the documents you add.

Follow the steps below to create a Required Document:

Create Required Document

Step 1 - Head to the My Company page and choose Forms > Documents. Click on the plus button under Required Documents.

Step 2 - Enter the following information:

  • Title of Document

  • Expiration (in months) - This means that this Document will need to be uploaded again at some point in the future, or it will no longer be valid at the date set. This is optional.

  • Required at: Choose which level ( Primary Account Holder, Enrollee, OR Enrollment) to require the document. Confused about this? See this support article for additional information.

Step 3 - Check the Require Upload checkbox (unless this Document will contain highly sensitive information) if you need the Customer to upload a Document. Or if you need the Customer to download a Document, upload a blank copy of the Document. Remember to click Save.

Adding documents for signature or upload in Enrollsy

Add Required Document to Program(s)

To require Document submissions upon enrollment, you need to add them to your Program(s). From that moment on, every new enrollment into that Program will automatically be asked to provide the Document.

NOTE: The Document must be required for ALL who enroll in the particular Program you add the Document.

Add to Account

If your Document is required to be filled out/downloaded/uploaded by one or more Customers, you can add the Document to those Accounts. Learn how to upload Documents here.

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