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How to send Class Email Reminders
How to send Class Email Reminders

Send Email Reminders to Students in two easy steps

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Once you have set up Class Email Reminders correctly, every time the Class happens (on a start time on each date specified), the Class Email Reminder will be sent to each person enrolled in the Class. You can set up Class Email Reminders in Enrollsy in two easy steps.

Step 1 - Set Calendar and Time Data At The Class Level

To complete this, click the edit pencil on any Class. In the Class edit drawer, look for the "When does Class happen" section. You'll need to add:

  • Start time

  • End time

You'll also need to check the box that says, "Set days/dates when this Class occurs."

edit class in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Set Email Reminder

After you've added Calendar and Time data, scroll down to the next section called "Email Reminder" and do the following:

  • Click "No Reminder"

    No Email reminder for Classes in Enrollsy
  • Set a time before Class for the Reminder to send

    Email reminder for Classes in Enrollsy
  • Click "Save"

    Save Email reminder for Classes in Enrollsy

What Does The Email Reminder Say?

Preview the Email Reminder by clicking the "Preview email" link under the select list.

Can I Change The Email?

Yes! Now you can add your own custom message. The Email Reminder custom message is a rich text element, which means you can easily add Zoom links, video and image links, tables, lists, styled paragraphs, and more.

NOTE: The custom message is not reflected in the Preview.

edit class reminder email in Enrollsy

How to Add Links

Either highlight the text where you want the link or click on the link icon. Copy and paste the URL (the web page address, document, video, etc.).

add links in Enrollsy class email reminder

How to Add Images

Click on the image icon within the Advanced settings. The image has to be hosted somewhere. This can be in Google Photos (not Google Docs).

Open the image and right-click. Click "Copy Image Address" and paste it into the "Source" box. A size should pop up under "width" and "height." Adjust this to fit the space. (NOTE: If the size does not show up, the source is incorrect.)

add image in class email reminder

Here is an example of how a Class email reminder may look:

Enrollsy class email reminder

Having control over the Email Reminder, the email's main body, is handy for remote classes or classes where the class location might change from time to time. The feature is 100% optional, so if you need it for a Class, it's there; if not, ignore it!

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