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How to Set Up a Kiosk
How to Set Up a Kiosk

Setting up your Kiosk for the first time to track Instructor/Enrollee time

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You can set up a Kiosk for the following:

  • Instructors to log their time

  • Account Holders to check in/check out Enrollees.

Setting up the Kiosk requires the following five steps:


Step 1 - Enable Kiosk Setting

Ensure you have the Kiosk setting enabled at the bottom of the My Company settings page (under My Company settings), and don't forget to save when you flip the switch.

Kiosk Setting

Step 2 - Enable Kiosk for Programs (For Customer Use Only)

If you allow Customers/Account Holders to check in/out Enrollees, enable the Kiosk for all Programs that need to use the Kiosk. If you are only using the Kiosk for Instructors, skip this step.

  1. Go to the Programs Settings page

  2. Use the Bulk Update button to enable Kiosk for all of your selected Programs in the Advanced settings of the program's setup page

  3. Click the outlined toggle, then toggle on the other

  4. Click Update, then Update again to save

uses kiosk pin in Enrollys program settings

Step 3 - Kiosk Navigation Item

Click the Kiosk navigation item on the left menu bar

Step 4 - Select Location

If you have more than one location, select the location you'd like to start the Kiosk for, and then click Start Kiosk.

Select Kiosk Location

Step 5 - Set Up PIN

Make sure all the Account holders have set up their PIN/Instructors have set up their PIN to be used in addition to the last 4 numbers of their cell phone to uniquely identify them.

Step 6 - Start Kiosk

Have the Kiosk screen available on a tablet/phone in the front of your center to be used.

Enrollsy Kiosk
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