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How Instructors Check In and Out with the Kiosk
How Instructors Check In and Out with the Kiosk

Teachers/Instructors can easily log time through using the Kiosk in Enrollsy

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Instructors log their time by using the Kiosk to check in and check out of the system. An Admin has to set up the Kiosk on a device (using an Admin log-in) for Instructors to check in and out. Click here to learn how to set up a Kiosk if you haven't done so before.

Start Kiosk

After having set up the Kiosk, click on the Kiosk on the menu, then choose the proper Location (if applicable). Click the Start Kiosk button. Instructors can also use the Kiosk within the Instructor Portal by clicking on Kiosk in the menu.

start kiosk in Enrollsy

Instructor Check-In/Out

Step 1 - Enter Digits

After clicking "Start Kiosk," you will see something similar to the image below (with your company logo). Instructors must then put in the last four digits of their phone numbers.

NOTE: If no phone number exists in their profile, the Instructor will NOT show up on the list. Go to My Company > Users > Instructors, and click the edit button to add a cell phone number.

instructor check in and out in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Select Name

The Instructor will then select his/her name at the top in black.

instructor sign in on Enrollsy kiosk

Step 3 - Enter PIN

The Instructor will need to enter a PIN. If they have not set this up or have forgotten it, they will need to log in to the Instructor Portal > My Account > Reset PIN.

kiosk 4-digit pin in Enrollsy

Step 4 - Check In

After putting in the PIN, click the green "Check In" button to check-in.

check in example in Enrollsy's kiosk

‍Step 5 - Check Out

The same steps will need to be repeated to check out. Click the red button, "Check Out," to check out.

check out example in Enrollsy's kiosk

Admin Check-In/Out Instructors

Admins can also check in and check out teachers from the Instructors page by clicking the timeline icon next to the Instructor and then checking her/him in or out.

Instructors Page Activity Timeline

Admin Edit Check-In/Out Times

Admins can also edit the check-in/check-out times by clicking the pencil icon and changing the time:

Edit Activity Time

Admin Timesheet Report

Also, check out how to use the Timesheets Report to see a list of all the Instructors' check-in/check-out times with hours logged.

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