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How to Test Enroll Form & Enroll Form Links
How to Test Enroll Form & Enroll Form Links

Learn three ways to test your enrollment form before sending it out

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Before sending out your Enroll Form, you will need to test it for accuracy. Here are the ways to do that.

Testing Using Enroll Links as a Customer

It is best to test the Enroll Form in an INCOGNITO browser (so you are not signed in as an Admin) and use one of the following Enroll links to enroll as a new Customer would.

General Enroll Link - The general Enroll Link (found on the My Company page):

enroll form link in Enrollsy

Program Enroll Link - The Program Enroll Link on the Classes page:

program enroll link in Enrollsy

Private Enroll Link - The private Enroll Link, either on the Programs page or Classes page:

private links in Enrollsy

Programs Page Private Link

classes page enroll link in Enrollsy

Classes Page Private Link

NOTE: If you are signed out and "enrolling" as a Customer, it will ask for payment information (if you have your Program(s) set up that way). To test, you have a few options:

  • Go through the Enroll Form up to the payment page

  • Enter a fake credit card number (google "Fake Credit Card Generator")

  • Enter a 100% off coupon code

Testing Using a Fake Customer Account

You may decide you want to see the Enroll Form completely from the Customer's perspective. Check out "How an Admin can create their own Instructor and/or Customer Account" for more information on how to create a Customer Account.

To access the Enroll form, use either the general Enroll Form link or the private link if the Program is private. If you use this method, be sure you are using an INCOGNITO browser or have completely signed out of Enrollsy (and cleared your browser cookies/cache).

You can also sign into the Customer Portal and enroll from there (as long as the Program is NOT private).

Testing Signed in as an Admin

Sign in and click Enroll on the left menu. Go through the Enroll Form questions. The downside to testing this way is that Admins can do some things Customers can't, including the following:

  • Skip most fields except the default required ones (Primary Account Holder's first name and email and Enrollee's first and last name)

  • Override age restrictions

  • View unpublished Enrollment Periods

  • Ability to check/uncheck required pricing options/skip the payment section (see NOTE below)

  • Coupon codes will not work

  • Override forced auto-pay

  • Inability to view the terms and conditions.

See this support article for more information on how Admin views differ from Customer views.

NOTE: If you are using Payment Plans, you need to UNCHECK all boxes in the Payment Plan section to zero to bypass the payment part!

uncheck boxes to bypass payment when testing enroll form in Enrollsy

Testing Using the Enroll Form Preview Button

On the Enroll Form page, click the blue floating "Preview" button on the right side. This way of testing will not allow you to complete enrollment.

preview button on enroll form in Enrollsy

NOTE: The Preview feature will pick up the first Program Form. If you need to preview another Program Form, refresh your page, select the Program Form, then hit "Preview" again.

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