About Enrollment Reports

If you're looking for information about the number of enrollments you've had, this article will help you find it.

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Looking for a Report that outlines how many enrollments you've had, when they happened, or something related to enrollment trends? See the options below to find the right report for you.

Enrollment dashboard view in Enrollsy

This report shows your enrollments over the last 7-day, 30-day, and 90-day rolling period(s). You can click Go to Enrollees (or Students in this case) in each chart to take you to a filtered view of your Enrollees table.

Report 2: Enrollees Table

Active Enrollments Table Summary View in Enrollsy

At the top of the Enrollees Table is a dashboard that shows you the total number of Accounts, Enrollees, and Enrollments given the search criteria on the page. There are a few ways you can modify the search criteria to serve up different results:

  1. Select a different Enrollment Period (or All Enrollment Periods)

  2. Use the filter button to filter for specific things (Programs, Classes, Date Ranges, etc.)

  3. Flip the Inactive Switch at the top right of the page to see only inactive enrollments

Enrollee Table in Enrollsy

Report 3: Ratios Page

Ratios Page in Enrollsy

While the Ratios page doesn't give you a total count of enrollment across all Programs or Classes, it does give you a nice view of active enrollments and their classes on a single page.

If you don't have the Ratios page and want it for your account, please email support@enrollsy.com and let us know if you want it added.

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