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How to Create and Add a Program Form
How to Create and Add a Program Form

If you need to ask certain information based on Program selection, Enrollsy allows you to add a Program Form

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Do you need to ask for information based on a particular Program selection? You can easily create and add a Program Form to your Enroll Form and gather specific information for certain Programs. For example, if you have youth and adult programs, you can ask questions geared toward each program.

How to Create a Program Form

The Program Form can be found on your Forms page at the very bottom of the Enroll Form.

Create a new Program Form in Enrollsy

Customizing the Program Form is much the same as customizing the Enroll Form. Check out this support article, "How to customize the Enroll Form," for more information.

NOTE: If you want a Program Form to show up on an E-Signature Document, on the Setup, "Required at" has to be set at the Enrollment level (Per Enrollment). If the document is "Per Enrollee," then that means that data that is different per Enrollment shouldn't be included.

Edit E-Signature Document in Enrollsy

How to Add a Program Form to your Program(s)

Once you are finished creating your Program Form, it has to be attached to a specific Program(s) for it to show up on the Enroll Form. Here's how to attach the Program Form:

  • Head over to your Programs page, and select the pencil icon to edit a Program.

  • Scroll down to the bottom, where you see Enroll Form (Optional).

  • Under "Additional Program Fields," choose the name of your Program Form(s).

In the example below, we added our "Infants Only" Program Form to our Infant Program.

how to add a program form in Enrollsy

You can also add a Program Form to more than one Program at once. See this support article to learn how to bulk update (or edit) your Programs.

Add Program Form Fields to the Enrollment Confirmation Email

You can also add certain Program Form fields to show up on the enrollment confirmation email. These are found within EACH field setting under "Other Settings." You can include the field in the parent/Account Holder confirmation email or the admin confirmation email, or both.

NOTE: The field cannot be a Header or Formatted Content field. These fields DO NOT have the option to include in the confirmation emails.

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