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How to Customize the Enroll Form
How to Customize the Enroll Form

Learn about form elements, field settings, and formatting to tailor your enrollment form to meet your company needs

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The Enroll Form is our customizable solution for streamlining enrollment. Reference this page for the Basic Sections and Field Types of our customizable Enroll Form. You can customize your Enroll Form the way you want it based on your company’s needs.

Access your Enroll Form by going to My Company > Forms > Enroll Form.

IMPORTANT: As of the writing of this article, if you add or delete fields from the Enroll Form, that information will disappear from your Accounts (for example, if you delete the Home Phone field, that field will no longer be on any of your Customer Accounts). See this support article for steps to hide fields instead.

Section Headings

Each section has a heading or title that can be customized. There is a total of five (5) sections:

  • Account Info

  • Enrollee Info

  • Program Selection

  • Payment Info

  • Confirmation

section headings in Enroll Form in Enrollsy

Customize Section Headings

Starting with the basic section, Account Info, you can customize the information we gather on the Primary and Secondary Account Holder or Parent/Guardian. Typically, companies use their current Enroll Form as a guide to know what information to put in these sections.

To edit a section heading, hover over the name and click on the pencil icon that pops up:

account info section heading in Enrollsy

Type in the new heading and click the green checkmark to save:

how to save a section heading in Enrollsy

You can also add customized optional messages after one or more headings. Click here to find out how to add these messages to the Enroll Form.

Account Info Section

Primary Account Holder

There are some default fields under Primary Account Holder that you can make visible and/or required with just a click of a box. These default fields include first, middle, and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, contact preferences, and addresses.

enroll form elements in Enrollsy

Secondary Account Holder

The section under Account Info, Secondary Account Holder, has the same default fields minus the address fields. This section is optional on the Enroll Form (on the Customer’s side). This is how it looks in the Customer Enroll Form:

optional secondary account holder on Enrollsy enroll form

If the Customer has a Secondary Account Holder, they toggle that on and fill out the fields. If they don’t, none of those fields are filled out.

General Account Info

The last section under Account Info is General Account Info. This is the section under which you can create your custom fields. These can be any fields you need on your Enroll Form, including Emergency Contacts, Release List, custody questions, etc.

Here is an example of some custom fields under this section:

gneral account info section in Enrollsy enroll form

Enrollee Section

The following basic section, Enrollee, has default fields: first, middle, and last name, birth date, gender, and dietary/medical info.

Program Section

The Program section is if you need to ask for information based on program selection. You can create customized program forms using your created program names.

Payment Info and Confirmation Sections

The last sections are Payment Info and Confirmation, where you can add messages concerning payments and confirmation of enrollment.

Field Elements

After the default fields, click the plus, and a list of the field elements will appear. Type in your label and click on the appropriate field.

field elements in Enrollsy

The following descriptions are also underneath each element for your reference, after clicking on the desired element and putting in a label (required for each except the Formatted Content), click Add.

  • Header - Add a Header like “Medical Info”

  • Formatted Content - This is a new feature that gives you ultimate flexibility in content. Add a block of heading, paragraphs, lists, links, images, media (video), or tables.

  • Short Text - For short answers (up to 100 characters)

  • Long Text - For multi-line longer answers (up to 500 characters)

  • Single Select - Select one option out of multiple options

  • Multi-Select - Select multiple options

  • Yes/No - Only allows a Yes or no answer

  • Email - Accepts only email address

  • Phone - Accept only a phone number

  • Date - Select a date from a date picker

  • Number - Accepts only numbers

  • ID - To have your auto-generated ID

  • File Upload - Upload a single file or photo

Field Settings

After adding the element in Field Settings, you can further customize your question. The cog beside the question also opens up these settings.

field settings button in Enrollsy

The following explains each section in the Field Setting window. See this support article for specific settings for each of the above Field Elements (i.e., Header, Short Text, Yes/No, etc.).


    • Label/Long label format- If your question is longer than 100 characters, click the long label format button.

    • Hint (include an optional hint to help Customers answer the question)

    • Field nickname-Set a short and recognizable nickname for the field. The app uses this name for things like the Table column or exporting data.

    • Required- Here you make your question required.

    • Max Characters (for Long or Short Text)-Change the maximum characters allowed

    • Options- (for Single or Multiple Select)-Add options to select

      basic settings of fields in Enroll Form in Enrollsy

    • Select Icon- Choose an icon (or keep it at the default icon shown beside each element).

    • Desktop/Tablet Width & Mobile Width-You can change the width for Desktop/Tablet and Mobile (open up the Enrollsy page on a mobile phone to check if your Enroll Form is easy to read; you may have to adjust the width if some of your questions are long).

      design settings of fields in Enroll Form in Enrollsy


    Other settings Include the following.

    • Making the question not editable by the Primary Account Holder

    • Hiding the question in the Customer Portal and/or Enroll Form

    • Including the question in the Primary Account Holder confirmation email

    • Including the question in the new enrollment admin email

      Other settings in field settings in Enrollsy's enroll form

Learn about additional customizations in “About Enroll Form Customizations.

Preview Enroll Form

Preview your Enroll Form by clicking on Preview at the top right. This shows you the flow of the form and how it will look to customers.

preview enroll form in Enrollsy

Add Enroll Form to Website

You can quickly add your newly customized Enroll Form to your website. Find out how in this support article.

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