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How to Add a Location
How to Add a Location

Enrollsy makes it easy to add a new Location to your current setup

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NOTE: Locations are not free! Our pricing is on a per-Location basis. If you have questions about what constitutes a Location or feel your set-up should be considered an exception, please get in touch with us through the chat before adding Locations.

Add Location

Click on either "New Location" or the currently selected Location/your email address on the upper right-hand side of the screen. A window will appear.

Locations in Enrollsy

Click the plus button and fill in the following information:

  • Location Name

  • Country

  • Time Zone

  • Address and Contact information

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Email

Next, you’ll be prompted to do the following for each Location:

Assign a User

Choose which Admin users have access to which Locations. Read How to add other Admin Users to learn how to create Admins.

assign a user to location in Enrollsy

Select Payment Methods

Decide which merchant account you would like available for each Location (you’ll only see one option if your payments are deposited into one bank account, regardless of Location).

For help setting up merchant accounts, read About Merchant Accounts.

select payment method in location in Enrollsy

Publish Location

Next, click the gear icon to the right of each Location and select the eye icon to publish your Location. Doing this makes Programs and Classes in this Location open for enrollment. You are also able to Archive and Edit your Locations.

publish location in Enrollsy
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