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Learn about how to sign up for either a credit card and/or ACH account

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Enrollsy offers the following options for taking payments by card (debit or credit):

  • EnrollsyPay (ACH and/or Credit Cards)

  • Stripe Express (Credit Cards only)

When you sign up with Enrollsy and complete your first implementation meeting with an Enrollsy representative, you can apply for a Credit Card merchant account or an ACH merchant account.

NOTE: Enrollsy doesn't ever actually touch/hold any of your money. We are a reporting mechanism that lets you know when payments have been approved or denied.

How to Apply

To apply for either an ACH or a Credit Card merchant account, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Getting Launched page (click the rocket ship icon in the far-right corner):

  2. Under To Do, click on "Get Started" under Credit Card and/or ACH to apply for one or both:

  3. Choose one of these providers and apply for a Merchant Account. During the application process, you will provide a checking or savings account along with the account's routing number where you want payments received to be deposited.

Both merchant account applications will save your progress so you can come back later and finish!

After applying to one or both, you will then work with both merchant account providers to gather the required documents needed to get going (the companies will reach out to applicants).

After Approval

Once your account has been approved, the provider(s) will issue you a unique Merchant ID (or MID). Be sure to keep a record of this number; Enrollsy cannot give out MIDs. If you forget it, you will have to contact the payment gateway provider (TillPayments for credit cards or ACHQ for ACH).

After you have been approved and onboarded, the Enrollsy team will be notified, take your account in Enrollsy out of "Test mode," and activate your new merchant account(s).

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