How to View Classes in a Calendar

Enrollsy makes it easy to view classes in a calendar form

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To view Classes in a Calendar view, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Classes Page

Head to Classes > Classes tab. Make sure you are in the correct Enrollment Period on the left:

current Enrollment Period in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Calendar View

To the far right, click on the Calendar icon to see the Calendar week view:

Calendar week view in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Views

Once it opens, you will see your Classes in a Calendar view of one week at a time. Click on the blue arrows to maneuver to subsequent or past weeks.

View Classes in Calendar week view in Enrollsy

You can also view the Calendar in the following views:

  • Per day

  • Every 4 days

Step 4 - Classes with Dates/Time

Classes without date/time information will be displayed at the top of the calendar, directly under the day of the week.

Step 5 - Class Details

You can click Details to read the Class Description if there is one:

View Class Descriptions in calendar view in Enrollsy

The Details button also displays the Class name, time of the Class, and instructor(s):

Class name and teacher in Enrollsy

Step 6 - View Enrollees

To see the Enrollees in a particular Class from the Calendar view, click on the Class, and a list of all Enrollees will be displayed:

List of Enrollees in Calendar view in Enrollsy

Click "Back to calendar" to go back to the Calendar View.

Instructors & Availability

Instructor names and availability (if added to their profile) will show up on the left side. Click here to learn how to set Instructor availability.

Add a Class Button

Click the "Add a Class" button to add a new Class. After clicking on the "Add a Class" button, choose the Program to add the new Class. Check out this support article to learn more about creating a new Class.

add a class button in Enrollsy

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