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Need help creating a set of Programs or Classes inside an Enrollment Period? This article outlines some of the common set ups, step by step.

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What makes Enrollsy such a flexible online enrollment solution? All the stretching we do. Kidding. But really, what makes Enrollsy such a flexible solution is that Enrollment Periods can be named anything you'd like. But that doesn't seem like that big of a deal. And you'd be right about that. What makes enrollment Periods special is that each can contain its unique set of Program Options.

The scenarios below outline some of the most common Enrollment Periods, as well as the Programs and Classes inside them. Look at this Go Live Checklist to see a clearly defined list of all (or most) of the choices that impact enrollment.

Scenario 1 - Program Enrollment with Fixed Schedules

Let's say I teach school-aged kids group basketball classes during the Summer. The classes all follow a similar structure regarding how the options display during enrollment.

For example, Enrollees must select their respective grade or age grouping and establish a schedule and time preference. Making this distinction will not only guide the customer through the enrollment process in steps but also help you organize your classes, track capacities, and even price differently based on grade/age or schedule/time.

Remember, Enrollsy isn't just about data intake. It's about automating the assignment of things like tuition, fees, and payment schedules so that you don't have to do any of that post-enrollment.

In this scenario, I would create an Enrollment Period and call it Group Classes, and build my Program Options like this:

  1. Program Name

    1. Little Dribblers (Ages 5-7)

    2. Shooting Stars (Ages 8-11)

    3. Board Crashers (Ages 12-15)

    4. Fast Breakers (Ages 15-18)

  2. Schedule

    1. Mon | Wed | Fri

    2. Tue | Thu | Sat

    3. Mon-Sat

  3. Time

    1. Early Mornings (8 - 10 AM)

    2. Mid Mornings (10:30 AM - 12:30 PM)

    3. Afternoons (1:30 - 3:30 PM)

Everything I do from this point forward to create Programs and Classes in this Enrollment Period will rely on these Program Options.

However, this is a problem because I also run a Summer League. The teams practice and compete in a tournament at the end of the Summer. During the school year, I also teach private lessons for skill development. These other Programs need entirely different Program Options. What should I do? Create another Enrollment Period!

Scenario 2 - Summer Camps Using Class Selection

My Summer Camps run all Summer long, but families often come and go with vacations and other commitments. At the end of the Summer, the tournament is part of the experience. Still, campers only have to pay for the days they register to attend, regardless of whether or not they actually attend or play in the tournament.

In this example, I would create an Enrollment Period and call it Summer Camp, and build my Program Options like this:

  1. Grade Level

    1. 8th Graders (Next School Year)

    2. 9th Graders (Next School Year)

    3. 10th Graders (Next School Year)

    4. 11th Graders (Next School Year)

    5. 12th Graders (Next School Year)

Because I need to let Enrollees pick the days of camp they wish to attend, this is all I need to present through Program Options. All other considerations are determined in the Program Settings and at the Class level. Let's look at that next.

To extend the enrollment experience beyond mere Program selection, I need to enable a different pricing model than what I used in Scenario 1: Enrollsy's Simple model. What I want to allow is the Classes model.

I also want to check the box allowing Enrollees to pick their Class(es). This will let them select the days they want to come, so we don't have to build rosters or calculate pricing after enrollment manually.

When Setting enrollment parameters, I will check the box that says "Require enrollment into a minimum or maximum number of Classes" and uncheck the box that says "Pricing is the same for each Class" so that I can set some rules.

My rules for Summer Camp are as follows:

  1. The minimum number of days someone can enroll is 5

  2. There is no maximum number of days, every day of camp is available unless capacity has been reached

  3. The capacity per day is 35

  4. The price per day is $20 for a full day or $12 for a half day

  5. There is a one-time Registration Fee of $25 per student, but families enrolling multiples pay a $10 registration fee for their second student and a $0 registration fee for their 3rd+ student(s)

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