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How to View Your Financial Account
How to View Your Financial Account

Learn about how to read the Transaction History in Enrollsy

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View Financial Transactions

To view your Account/Transactions, click on the menu at the top right and then Transactions:

Enrollsy Customer App account and transactions

The following is how the Transaction History looks on a computer:

the transaction history in Enrollsy

Remember to scroll left and right to see the entire table if you're viewing this on your phone.

scroll horizontally on the phone to see transaction history in Enrollsy

Description of Transaction History

The following is a short description of each column found in the Transaction History:

  • The first column (Posted) is the date the transaction was posted.

  • The second column is the Program that the transaction was for (if noted).

  • The third column is the Enrollee the transaction is for (if noted).

  • The fourth column is the Type of transaction (i.e., cash, charge, credit card, misc. credit, etc.).

  • The fifth column, Account, shows the last four digits of the credit card (if applicable).

  • The Items column (sixth column) shows if any Charge Items were charged (i.e., a convenience fee, registration fee, etc.).

  • The Details column (seventh column) shows any notes about that transaction (i.e., Field Trip).

  • The eighth column is the Amount ($ Amt.) of the transaction

  • The last column is the Balance ($ Bal.) of the Account. NOTE: A green amount in parentheses is a payment. A red amount is a charge or amount owed. A blue amount is a credit or discount.

How to Export or Print Transaction Statements

To export a Transaction Summary, click the down arrow. An Excel report will be downloaded to your phone or computer.

To print a statement or Transaction Summary, click on the Printer icon and choose one of the options. Choose the dates. The system will direct you to open Enrollsy in a browser. You will need to use one of these browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. See this support article for more detailed instructions.

For Frequently Asked Questions, see Customer FAQs.

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