To see your Account/Transactions, click on the hamburger menu at the top right and then Transactions:

Enrollsy Customer App account and transactions

This is the Transaction History. Below is how it looks on a computer:

the transaction history in Enrollsy

The first column (Posted) is the date the transaction was posted. The second column, Program, is the Program that transaction was for (if noted). If you're viewing this on your phone, remember to scroll left and right to see the entire table.

Enrollsy Customer App transaction history Program

The third column is the Type of transaction (i.e. cash, charge, credit card, misc. credit, etc.). The fourth column, Account, shows the last four digits of the credit card (if applicable). The Item column is if any Charge Items were charged (i.e. a convenience fee, registration fee, etc.). The Details column shows any notes about that transaction (i.e. Field Trip).

Enrollsy Customer App transaction history Type, Account, Items, Details

The next column is the Amount of the Transaction, and the last column is the Balance of the Account. NOTE: A green amount in parentheses is a payment. A red amount is a charge or amount owed. And a blue amount is a credit or discount.

Enrollsy Customer App transaction history Amount and Balance

To export a Transaction Summary, click the down arrow. An Excel report will be downloaded to your phone or computer.

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