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How to Send Email reminders for E-Signature Documents
How to Send Email reminders for E-Signature Documents

Learn how to send Email reminders for unsigned Documents

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E-Sign Automatic Reminders

E-signature Documents that are attached to Programs are sent automatically AFTER enrollment via email. This is how email reminders work for E-signature Documents only (NOT Required Documents):

  • Signers receive an initial request for an E-signature via email; a reminder is sent after three days. If the Document remains unsigned, the signer will receive another email reminder seven days after the initial request.

  • You can view any unsigned E-signature Documents via the Notification Center and send manual reminders out (see below for details).

  • If you have MULTIPLE SIGNERS, the Document won't be sent to the second signer until the first signer has received it.

E-Sign Manual Reminders

Here are a few options to encourage timely signatures:

Notification Center

The Notification Center can be accessed by clicking on the bell icon in the upper-right corner:

notifications in Enrollsy

If you haven't set up your Admin Notification Center, click here.

If you haven't set up your Document Notifications, click here.

Once your Document Notifications are set up, you can click on "Documents" and view who still hasn't signed an E-signature Document. To send a reminder, simply click on "Send Reminder." This will email the Account Holder another E-signature request.

NOTE: Only the most recent E-signature request email can be used.

send reminder of e-signature in notification center in Enrollsy

Documents Tab

You can also go into the Documents tab (Enrollees > Documents) to manually send reminders. HOVER OVER an unsigned Document in the Documents Tab and click the Remind button (bell icon) to send a manual reminder email, then click "Remind."

NOTE: An E-signature Email Reminder can only be sent once per hour.

send email reminder in Enrollsy

SMS/Text Icon

While still on the Documents tab (Enrollees > Documents), do the following:

First, select the Accounts you need to send a text to on the left-hand side. Then click the SMS icon to send a text message to the designated Account Holder's cell phone number.

text message reminders in Enrollsy

A new window will open, listing the Account Holder's names. At the top will be the total number of recipients with a cell phone number.

NOTE: If this number DOES NOT match the number of Accounts you selected, the Primary Account Holder does not have a cell phone number. You can add cell phone numbers by clicking on the Enrollee name left, then the Account Holder's Name at the top.

missing phone numbers in text messages in Enrollsy

Write your message in the box below the Account Holder names and press Send.

NOTE: Bulk messages can only be 160 characters (this CANNOT be changed), so be concise! Check out this Grammarly article for tips on writing concisely!

text message in Enrollsy

Email Icon

If you would instead email the Account Holders, do the following:

Click on the Email icon (envelope) to copy all selected emails.

copy emails in Enrollsy

You can then decide if you want to copy just the Primary Account Holder's email or both the Primary and Secondary emails.

choose emails to copy in Enrollsy

Paste them into your email provider (i.e., Outlook, Gmail, etc.) to send an email.

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