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How to Duplicate an Enrollment Period

Need an easy way to copy your Programs from one year to the next? Let us show you how.

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If your Programs remain mostly the same from year to year and only need minor adjustments, the best way to do this is to duplicate your Enrollment Period. Doing so will also allow you to duplicate Programs, Classes, and Waitlists. and/or Enrollments, which can save you a ton of time. Here's how to do this:

Step 1 - Click on the Enrollment Period you want to duplicate.

Step 2 - Click on the cog wheel, then the plus button to duplicate it.

Step 3 - Rename the Enrollment Period and select the checkboxes if you want to copy the Programs, Classes, Waitlists, and/or Enrollments.

NOTE: Enrollments means everyone who has enrolled into that Enrollment Period (at the time of duplication) can be copied.

You should now see the Enrollment Period you just created. Once you've duplicated what you want, you'll need to go into each Program and modify anything that has changed.

Here is a quick checklist of some common changes to review in your Programs and Classes:

  • Enrollment end dates

  • Tuition start and end dates

  • Terms and Conditions and Enrollment Welcome Messages

  • Pricing

  • Proration settings

  • Class capacities

  • Instructors

While this is a good list to run through before publishing your new Enrollment Period, the best thing to do is complete a test enrollment to verify everything is working as expected.

NOTE: Pricing, Payment Plans, and Invoices DO NOT duplicate with Programs and Classes when duplication an Enrollment Period.

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