How to Add Class Capacity

Learn how to restrict the number of Enrollees in a Program

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If you need to set a capacity for a Program, you will need to create a Class within that Program with a capacity greater than "0."

NOTE: A Program's capacity is equal to the Class(es)'s total capacity.

For example, you have a Program that has three Classes in it. Each Class has a capacity of "10." The Program's capacity would be a total of "30" (10 x 3 Classes). Be sure to check out Factors Affecting Capacity below.

Follow these steps:

Add Capacity

Head to the Classes page (or whatever you have labeled "Classes"). click on the down arrow on the far right of the Class and click the pencil icon. The capacity will be under the "Basic" section and will default to "0." Enter the Class capacity here.

Edit Capacity

To edit the capacity, click on the down arrow on the far right of the Class and click the pencil icon. Scroll to "Capacity."

Program Capacity in Enrollsy

No Specific Capacity

If you don't have a "capacity" for a particular Program, but you want to enforce enrollment capacities," then make the Class capacity a high number (i.e., 500 or 1000); otherwise, the Program or Class will NOT show on the Enroll Form, or it will show as "Full."

If you do not need capacities at all, you can go to the Company tab of the My Company settings and uncheck the box that says "Enforce enrollment capacities" (see below).

Don't enforce enrollment capacities in Enrollsy

Factors Affecting Capacity

Several factors can impact the capacity of your Programs and cause them to appear "full" on the Enroll Form. These factors include:

  • Unassigned Enrollees

  • Overcapacity Classes

Unassigned Enrollees & Capacity

All unassigned Enrollees listed in the Unassigned list, count toward the overall Program Capacity. For example, if there are 5 unassigned Enrollees in a Program, that number counts toward the overall Program Capacity.

Multi-List/Class Selection Lists

If your Program is set up in Multi-List (meaning you have "Class Selection Lists"), or in List views (see below), then the unassigned Enrollees will take up a spot in EACH Class in that Program. In the screenshot below, there are 6 unassigned Enrollees. Those six Enrollees will take up 6 spots in each listed Class. In this case, all Classes will show as full even though spots are available.

The Solution

To remedy the above issue, you can do one of the following options:

  • Increase the Capacities for each Class.

  • Assign the unassigned Enrollees to one or more Classes.

  • Add the unassigned Enrollees to a Waitlist then remove them from the unassigned list by clicking "Remove," then "Deactivate," to deactivate the unassigned enrollment. You can also choose "Deactivate and Delete" to completely remove the unassigned enrollment.

Overcapacity Classes

If you have overcapacity in one or more Classes, the amount over will take up open spots in other Classes. For example, in the screenshot below, two Classes (Kitchen Academy and Lego Robotics) are overcapacity by a total of "3." Those three enrollments are taking up the three open enrollments in the Online Chess Coaching Class. Therefore, on the Enroll Form, all Classes will be "filled."

The Solution

To remedy the above issue, you will need to do one of the following:

  • Increase the capacity of one or more of the overcapacity Classes.

  • Increase the capacity of one or more open Classes.

  • Remove the Enrollees from the overcapacity Class, but do not leave them in the Unassigned List (see Unassigned Enrollees & Capacity above). You can move them to a Waitlist, which will not affect the Program Capacity.

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