How to add Class Capacity
Learn how to restrict the number of Enrollees in a Program
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If you need to set a capacity for a Program, you will need to create a Class within that Program with a capacity greater than "0." A Program's capacity is equal to the Class(es) 's total capacity.

Head to the Classes page (or whatever you have labeled "Classes") and click on a Class to see the capacity. To edit the capacity, click on the down arrow on the far right of the Class and click the pencil icon. Scroll to "Capacity."

Program Capacity in Enrollsy

If you don't have a "capacity" for a particular Program, then make the Class capacity a high number (i.e., 500 or 1000); otherwise, the Program or Class will not be displayed in the Enroll Form or displayed as full.

If you do not need capacities at all, you can go to the Company tab of the My Company settings and uncheck the box that says "Enforce enrollment capacities" (see below).

Don't enforce enrollment capacities in Enrollsy

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