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We have a feature called "Required Documents." What do we mean by "Required"? Any Document that you require of at least ONE Customer is a Required Document.

With Enrollsy, YOU get to set your requirements of who receives the documents you add. Click here to learn how to add a Required Document.

What to NOT add as a Required Document

Documents to be "downloaded only" by the Customer

This is a document a customer must download and keep as a reference—for example, a Parent Handbook. The Customer doesn't need to do anything with the Document; they only need to have a copy of it. These kinds of documents should be added as Content. Learn how to add documents to Content here.

Documents that need to be electronically signed by the Customer

This type of Document is called an E-Signature Document, an add-on feature you will need permission to use. Learn more about E-Signature Documents here.

Required Document Examples

Here are some examples of the kinds of Documents that CAN be put in this section:

Documents to be filled out and/or uploaded by the Customer

This is a document that a Customer needs to download, fill out, and then upload back to you inside the Customer Portal. For example, a food program Document that the Customer needs to fill out and upload.

Documents that need to be uploaded by the Customer

This is a Document that the Customer must upload and have on file (i.e., an immunization record). There is nothing the Customer needs to fill out because a physician or pediatrician fills out this Document. All the Customer needs to do is upload it.

This article explains how customers can upload Required Documents. If someone emails or brings in this kind of Document, Enrollsy allows Admins to also upload a copy to the Enrollee/Account.

Documents that are sensitive and should not be stored online

It's tempting to store everything online. However, we all know that there is no 100% sure way to keep anything online safe/secure. Enrollsy follows security best practices, but so does the Federal Government, Experian, Target, etc. They've all been hacked and had customer data exposed.

We recommend keeping Documents containing highly sensitive information in a paper file and not requiring the Document to be uploaded online. When you create one of these Documents, you uncheck the box that requires the Customer to upload it. This kind of Document will allow you to mark it as received but will not allow upload by the Customer or the Admin.

What Level to Choose

All Required Documents are created at certain levels:

  • Primary Parent/Guardian

  • Enrollee/Student, or

  • Enrollment

When creating a Required Document, you must select one of these levels. Find out what these levels mean and how to choose the right one for your Document.

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