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How to Link Enrollsy with a New Phone or Email Address
How to Link Enrollsy with a New Phone or Email Address

How to get Enrollsy back if your email or phone number changes

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If you change your phone or phone number, it's easy to get Enrollsy back on your phone. You must reset the Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and set it up again on your new phone.

Step 1 - Reset Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

To reset the multifactor authentication (MFA) for an Admin or Instructor, go to the Admins Tab or Instructors Tab.


From this page, edit the Admin or Instructor you want to reset > in the drawer on the right, click "Authentication" > click the reset Multi-Factor Authentication refresh icon:

resetting MFA in Enrollsy

NOTE: If you are an Admin, you will have to have another Admin reset your MFA or if you are the ONLY Admin, contact Enrollsy via chat.

Step 2 - Log In to Enrollsy Again

Troubleshooting Auth0 Guardian App

If you chose the "Auth0 Guardian" app as your multi-factor notification and did not save the passphrase/recovery code, see this article for assistance in resetting the app.

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