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At some point, you may want to edit the fields on the Enroll Form. While you certainly can do this, be careful about deleting fields. Read this support article BEFORE DELETING ANYTHING!

Editing Fields

What happens when you EDIT OR DELETE an existing Enroll Form field? You LOSE all previous selections on all current Enrollments. If you change the options for a single or multi-choice field, the previously selected options no longer show. In other words, we can't keep previous answers to a field that no longer exists or has been changed.

Add Fields

Instead of deleting or editing fields, this is what you can do:

  • Create another field underneath the field you want to change with the same name and the new options.

  • Hide the original field from the Enroll Form and Parent Portal (see below for instructions on how to hide a field). You can rename the title of the original field to something else so that internally, as an Admin, you can differentiate between them.

Hide Question/Field

The first option (we think it's the best) is hiding that old question/field on the Enroll Form and the Customer App, so it's only visible to Admins.

  • Hide in Customer Portal - Hides the field in the Customer Portal so it is no longer visible to the customer.

  • Hide on Enroll Form - Hides the field on the Enroll Form so that new Enrollees will not see the field.

To hide the information, on the settings of the field(s), scroll to the bottom and turn the toggle(s) on:

how to hide fields in Customer Portal and Enroll Form in Enrollsy

Once you're done adding new fields, you WILL need to swap out any E-signature Documents. Learn how to update an E-signature Document in this article.

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