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How to Cancel a Future Payment When Someone Unenrolls
How to Cancel a Future Payment When Someone Unenrolls

Once a Customer withdraws from a Program, here's what to do with outstanding balances

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The Scenario

You have a Customer (or Customers) who are "unenrolling" from one or more Programs. That Customer's Account is on Auto-Pay, and there is a BALANCE on the Account.

What you do next depends on whether that payment needs to go through or be canceled (so there is a zero balance on the Account).

If a payment needs to go through:

Deactivate the Enrollment

This is the way to go if you want to remove the Enrollee (Student) and make the Enrollment inactive. When you deactivate an Enrollment, it allows Auto-Pay to continue to collect on Accounts with a balance. Click here to learn more about deactivating an Enrollment.

If a payment does NOT need to go through:

Delete the Charge

If the Customer doesn't need to be charged, you can delete the Charge. To learn how to delete Charges, click here.

Add a Credit to the Account

You can offset the balance of the account by adding a Credit to the Account. If you haven't set up a Credit or Discount Item, learn how to here. After setting up your Credit Items, learn how to give a Customer a Credit in this article.

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