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In the world of Enrollsy, we have certain "lingo" we used to identify aspects of our product. Sometimes clients get confused and use the words Account and Enrollment interchangeably. Actually, they describe very different things.


An Account is typically identified by a name and a unique email address (and optionally an ID). Accounts are owned by a Primary Account Holder, who is ultimately responsible for payment. An optional Secondary Account Holder may also be included. The Primary Account Holder is usually the one enrolling someone (unless they are enrolling themselves).

In the event the Enrollee (i.e. Student, Child, etc.) is an independent adult and not a dependent, the Account and the Enrollee might be the same person. Learn where to find the Account page.

E.g. Sally Johnson, sally@domain dot com, 2387 (ID is optional)

Account in Enrollsy


An Enrollment is the Program and/or Class the Enrollee (Student, Child, etc.) is enrolled in.

  • The word Enrollee is a label that can be changed to Child(ren), Student(s), Registrant(s), Player(s), Subscriber(s), Member(s), Traveler(s), etc.

  • The word Program is also a label and can be changed to Plans, Trips, etc.

  • A Class can be named whatever you’d like to call it. Some options we have seen include group, pod, stage, etc.

To view an Enrollee's Enrollments, go to the Enrollee tab (see below). This page identifies the Programs and Classes the Enrollee is enrolled in (or was previously enrolled in). It also includes information about the Enrollee garnered from the Enroll Form.

Enrollee tab in Enrollsy

Programs Section

Under Programs, on the Enrollee tab, you will see the current Enrollment and any previous Enrollments. The following is a view of current (2021-2022) Enrollments. This section includes the following:

  1. The Program name (Mobile Infants)

  2. The Program schedule (Full-Day, 9 am-3:30 pm; Monday-Friday)

  3. The Class name (Fireflies)

  4. The Instructor name(s) (Sarah Johnson and Sally Jenkins)

  5. Enrolled on date at the top right (Enrolled 04/07/2020) - this CAN be edited

  6. Activate switch (blue switch button that deactivates the Enrollment)

  7. Any Tags given to the Enrollee (Tags: +)

    An enrollment in Enrollsy

  8. Go To Button - Click on this button to go to the Documents or Activities tabs for Enrollees.

    go to documents  in Enrollsy

  9. Actions Button - Re-send an Enrollment confirmation under this button.

re-send enrollment confirmation  in Enrollsy

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