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How to Add Messages to the Enroll Form

Learn how to add customized messages to enrollment

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It's easy to add custom messages to your customized Enroll Form (as you can see, Enrollsy is all about customization).

These messages should be concise, simple instructions, descriptions, or announcements since they show up on the Enroll Form in one or more of the following sections:

  1. Account Info

  2. Enrollee Info

  3. Program Selection

  4. Payment Info

  5. Confirmation

Here's how to add or edit a message on the Enroll Form:

Step 1 - Add Message

Access your Enrollment Form by going to My Company > Forms > Enroll Form. Under the desired section, click on the plus sign beside "Message (optional)" and add your message.

NOTE: Any message added here will be formatted as a paragraph with an info icon.

Step 2 - Save Message

After adding your message, click the green checkmark to the far left to save. A green notification will pop up saying your message has been successfully saved.

Below is how your message will look on the Enrollment Form when someone is enrolling.

save messages on enroll form in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Edit Message

To edit an existing message, click on the message and edit. Be sure to SAVE the message by clicking on the tiny green checkmark right!

save messages on the enroll form in Enrollsy

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