How to Create Program Instructions

Create or edit instructions for one or more Programs that show up on the Enroll Form

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Enrollsy provides multiple places to enter instructions for your Programs. There are two places to find Program Instructions: My Company page or the Program editor.

Overall Program Instructions

Instructions for ALL Programs can be found on the My Company page > Enroll Form settings. Any message written here is a default message that will appear for all Programs on the Enroll Form.

default Program message in Enrollsy

These instructions will show up below the Program selection on the Enroll Form (customer view):

customer view of Enrollsy program instructions
customer view of Enrollsy program instructions

Specific Program Instructions

You can override the overall Program Instructions with instructions that apply to a specific Program. These instructions can be found in the Program Editor of any Program.

To edit or delete this text, go to the Programs page, and click on the pencil icon of the Program. Scroll down to the "Enroll Form" section.

Program editor in Enrollsy

Any instructions written in this area will OVERRIDE the default overall Program Instructions:

specific override program instructions in Enrollsy

NOTE: These instructions/descriptions can be different for every Program, or you can put the same message for one or more Programs. To do this in bulk, click this support article.

The specific Program instructions show up in the same place as the overall Program instructions on the Enroll Form.

Messages can also be added straight to the Enroll Form. Learn how to add messages to the Enroll Form here.

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