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How to Force Customers to Set Up Auto-Pay
How to Force Customers to Set Up Auto-Pay

Find out how to make automatic payment required on Enrollment

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If you want to force Customers to be set up on Auto-Pay when they enroll, you can easily change a setting. Each Customer will be required to enter a payment method for recurring payments at enrollment time. A notice, like the one below, will show up on the Enroll Form requiring a payment method and notifying Customers of the required Auto-Pay.

payment details in Enrollsy

The notice also shows up in the Customer Portal. When an Account Holder clicks on "Payments" in the menu and then "Edit," this is what will pop up under "Edit Payment Method."

auto-pay method in Enrollsy

To set up "Force Auto-pay," follow these steps:

  1. Head to the My Company page and scroll down to the Payment Settings heading.

  2. Under that heading is "Auto-Pay Settings." Choose the one that says, "Force Auto-Pay."

    payments settings in Enrollsy

    This setting enforces the automatic payment option so Customers cannot opt out upon enrollment (see Disclaimer below for what can happen through the Customer Portal).


Because we allow Customers to maintain their payment methods, we cannot force them to keep a payment method on file or remain on Auto-Pay. We have to allow people to delete their payment methods.

Here is how Customers can delete payment methods:

  • Select the trashcan icon beside the payment method

  • Click "Clear account on file."

If this is done for all payment methods, Auto-Pay will be turned off.

Admins can access a Report to see who is NOT on Auto-Pay. It is best to do this periodically to ensure everyone is still on Auto-Pay.

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