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How Convenience Fees get Charged
How Convenience Fees get Charged

Learn how and when convenience fees are charged to customers

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How convenience fees get charged depends entirely on how you set them up (If you need to see how to set up a convenience fee, please see this article). There are three ways to configure a convenience fee for each payment method you accept (CC or ACH):

  1. Flat fee

  2. Percentage

  3. Flat fee + percentage

Choosing the right configuration is critical to getting the results you expect. Let me explain why.

Invoices due on the same day for multiple enrollments in an Account are rolled up into a single authorization and transaction. This means that a payment for multiple invoices made at the same time will not have multiple convenience fees and the amount of the fees charged would be the same in the case of an invoice in the same amount for a single enrollment. Again, the fee is per transaction. Let's use a real scenario to break this down a little more clearly.

Pretend you have a customer Account with two enrollments and each of them have invoices of $100.00 due on the first of each month. Let's look at all three of the possible configurations and the resulting fees for each first of the month payment.


Convenience Fee (As set in Enrollsy)

Invoice Total

Convenience Fee

Total Payment

Flat fee










Flat fee + percentage

2.8% + 5¢




It's important to note when these fees are charged in addition to how they are charged:

  • Automatically each time a payment is made on the Enroll Form

  • Automatically each time a Customer pays through the Customer Portal

  • Automatically each time an Auto-Pay event occurs

  • Manually by an Administrator each time they enter a manual Tuition Charge on an Account. For example, if an Admin User enters a $200 Tuition Charge on a Customer's Account, then the Admin must manually put in the correct amount based on their configuration.

NOTE: Enrollsy does not automatically notify customers of these fees. See here for ways you can notify your customers of convenience fees.

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