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About EnrollsyPay

Learn how we can help you offer credit card/ACH payments

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Payment Options in EnrollsyPay

EnrollsyPay offers the following options for taking payments on the platform:

  • Credit/Debit Cards

  • ACH (eChecks)

When you sign up with Enrollsy, after your first implementation meeting with an Enrollsy representative, you can apply for a Credit Card merchant account and/or an ACH merchant account through our merchant provider.

*IMPORTANT: Please note that if you switch providers, all of your customers will need to re-enter their payment information. Enrollsy only stores payment tokens so you will not be able to download or see payment details and manually transfer them. There may be an option to transfer the tokens to EnrollsyPay, but there will be a fee for that service, charged by the current merchant processor.

Who will service your merchant accounts?

  • Card Payments: TillPayments

  • eCheck payments: ACHQ

    • ACHQ will provide you with a login for the portal "Speedchex."

These merchant providers will take care of things like sending your statements, underwriting your accounts, and depositing funds collected through the Enrollsy platform into your bank account.

Processing fees

The following are the current fees (as of 3/2023) for credit cards/debit cards and ACH/eCheck:

  • Card payments: $0.05 + 2.80% per payment

  • eCheck payments: $1.00 per payment

View this resource for additional fees for EnrollsyPay credit cards and ACH, as well as Stripe Express.

How to apply

Click here to see all the steps in applying for a credit card merchant account through EnrollsyPay.

NOTE: Enrollsy doesn't ever actually touch/hold any of your money. We are simply a platform that will integrate with the card and eCheck payment providers.

After you have been approved and onboarded, the Enrollsy team will be notified, take your account in Enrollsy out of "Test mode," and activate your new merchant account(s).

Credit Card Merchant Account PCI Compliance Questionnaire

When you sign up for an EnrollsyPay account, you'll be asked to complete a PCI compliance security assessment questionnaire with Security Metrics. You will see a "Nonreceipt of PCI Validation" fee on your monthly statement if you never complete the PCI Compliance Verification Questionnaire. See this support article for more information and how to comply with PCI Compliance.

Credit Card Funding (Deposits/Fees)

There will be settlement deposits or fee withdrawals from "EMPS" (Express Merchant Processing Solutions) or from "FRST BK MRCH SVC" / "Firstbank" (First Bank) in your bank account statement. The following is what these deposits/fees mean:

  • "DEPOSIT" - This is the deposit of card payments collected through Enrollsy.

    [Date]     EMPS DEPOSIT *********1234                   + $XX.XX
    [Date] FRST BK MRCH SVC DEPOSIT *********1234 + $XX.XX
    [Date] Firstbank Deposit *********1234 + $XX.XX
  • "DISCOUNT" - This is a withdrawal; your card processing fees are deducted from your account.

    [Date]     EMPS DISCOUNT *********1234                  - $XX.XX
    [Date] FRST BK MRCH SVC DISCOUNT *********1234 - $XX.XX
    [Date] Firstbank *********1234 - $XX.XX
  • "FEE" - This is a total of any other fees defined on your monthly statement (e.g., monthly service fee).

    [Date]     EMPS FEE *********1234                       - $XX.XX
    [Date] FRST BK MRCH SVC FEE *********1234 - $XX.XX
    [Date] Firstbank Service Charges/Fees *********1234 - $XX.XX

These line items on the bank statement match the bottom section of your monthly merchant statement.

Credit Card Declines

Credit card approval and rejection codes are typically 2 digits long, each indicating the reason a particular transaction was approved or declined. Knowing these credit card transaction codes is important for merchants. As a result, you will be able to troubleshoot the issue and potentially save the sale.

It is often necessary to re-run the transaction to fix the problem. In other cases, you'll need to contact the customer's bank or request an alternative payment method. The sale will not succeed unless you fix the underlying problem.

ACH Funding (Deposits/Fees)

In your bank account statement, there will be settlement deposits or fee withdrawals from "ACHQ," which are your deposits of ACH payments collected through Enrollsy.

ACH Return Codes

ACH returns are a normal part of ACH processing and allow receivers to notify originators when a transaction does not go as intended. Usually, these are rejection responses from the customer's bank (e.g., Non-sufficient funds).

Select your merchant service provider to learn more:

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