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About "Fixed Cost" Program Cost
About "Fixed Cost" Program Cost

Learn about this Program Cost that can be paid in full or in payments

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Fixed Cost means there is a set cost at the time of enrollment, whether that cost is paid in full or over-scheduled or installment payments.

Fixed Cost can be on any Enrollment Model (Simple/Days per Week/Classes). After choosing Field Cost, you can add Charge Items that correspond to each of your fees.

This option will have one or more of the following costs:

  • Total Program Cost

  • Pay-in-Full/Payment Plans

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Charge Items

Charge Items can have any of the following options:

  • Recurring - The charge item recurs WITH tuition

  • Quantity - This allows you to set a price per unit and will enable the customer to select a quantity. The total is then calculated on the Enroll Form.

  • Required - The item is required on the Enroll Form, which is due at enrollment.

  • Hide on paid-in-full - This charge item should not be an option if tuition is paid in full.

  • Payment Plans - Choose if the item should be enabled for Payment Plans and can be paid over time or if the item should be paid at enrollment.

  • Prepayment - Used when you need to collect payment before enrollment.

    charge item in Enrollsy

The following are some examples of Charge Items you might have:

  • Registration or Deposit (recurring, required, hidden on paid-in-full, and due at enrollment)

  • Camp or Class Fee (recurring AND required (marked โ€œnoโ€ on hiding on paid-in-full and due at enrollment)

  • Tuition (recurring and required)

See this support article for instructions on creating a new Charge Item.

Pay-in-Full/Payment Plans

The Pay-in-Full cost is, by default, published (eye icon in the corner). It can be unpublished if you don't want to have a Pay-in-Full option. It shows the Pay-in-Full REQUIRED fees due at enrollment. Any OPTIONAL charges will NOT show up in the Pay-in-Full Payment Plan.

The only two Payment Plans allowed in Fixed Cost are Scheduled or Installments. See the following support articles for assistance in setting up these types of Payment Plans:

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