How to "Opt-Out" Customers From SMS Texts

Here's what to do if a Customer no longer wants to receive text messages

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If one of your Customers does NOT want to receive SMS texts, they need to reply to a message with one of the following:

  • STOP




  • END

  • QUIT

To start back, they can text "START," "YES," or "UNSTOP" to the same number.

NOTE: This is on a per-phone number basis! See this article from our SMS provider to read more about this.

For those who inform you, or you see on their messaging history, that they have sent one of the above responses, you have several options to keep track of these "opt-out" customers, choose one of the following options.

NOTE: At this time, only Enrollsy can give you a list of opt-outs for the last 12 months. Please chat in and let us know if you need this list.

Option 1 - Create a Tag

The first (and best) option is to create a Tag for those who want to opt out of SMS text messages. It can be as simple as "NO SMS" or "NO Texts," or whatever you want.

You can filter the Enrollee table by your Tag using our new Saved Views feature.

create a tag to opt out from texts in Enrollsy

You can also view this Tag (or any Tag) on the Enrollee page:

view no texting tag in Instructor portal in Enrollsy

This Tag (and any other) will also show up in the Instructor Portal on the Activities page (as well as under Classes):

view no texting tag in Enrollsy

Option 2 - Create an Alternate Phone Number Field

Another option is to create an alternate phone number field in the Enroll Form for those who no longer wish to receive text messages. When a Primary Account Holder wants to opt-out, move their cell phone number to the alternate phone number field.

create an alternate phone field to opt-out of text messages in Enrollsy

NOTE: If you choose this option, this person will not receive any emergency texts in the event of an emergency.

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