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About Enroll Form Customizations
About Enroll Form Customizations

Learn about additional customizations and formatting

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Addresses Formatting

Addresses have specific formatting where they look the best on computers, tablets, and phones. These are the widths you should keep in mind anytime you add addresses:

Street Address (Short Text)

  • Desktop/Tablet Width: 8 (slide line to 8 mark)

  • Mobile Width: 12

Apt/Suite (Short Text)

  • Desktop/Tablet Width: 4

  • Mobile Width: 12

City (Short Text)

  • Desktop/Tablet Width: 6

  • Mobile Width: 12

State (Short Text)

  • Desktop/Tablet Width: 3 (also change max characters to “2”)

  • Mobile Width: 5

Zip Code/Postal Code (Number)

  • Desktop/Tablet Width: 3 (also change max characters to “5”)

  • Mobile Width: 7

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting is adding additional questions under Yes/No, Single Select, or Multiple Select questions based on a person’s answer.

For example, add “Please describe” if the answer to “Do you have any allergies” is “Yes.” Take a look at this support article for a more in-depth explanation of Conditional Formatting.

Other Customization Info

  • The down arrow moves a field under another field (see conditional formatting above). Learn more about how to move fields up and down in the Enroll Form and how to do Conditional Logic.

    add optional field based on field's value in Enrollsy's enroll form
  • The plus is to duplicate a field. The field will be added at the bottom of the section it is in and may need to be moved to where you want it.

    duplicate field in Enrollsy's enroll form
  • There is a red trashcan where you can delete a field if you mess up. NOTE: If you have a "child" field underneath another field, that field must be deleted first.

     field settings in Enrollsy's enroll form
  • The cog is the Field Settings option.

    field settings in Enrollsy's enroll form

You can make your enrollment forms in Enrollsy as simple or as complex as you wish.

Program Section

This section is where you can add a note just before the Enrollee selects a program.

You can create Program Forms here that pertain to particular programs. Learn how to add the Program Forms to your programs.

Plan Costs

Under Plan Costs, hover over the words, and click the pencil icon that appears. Edit the wording to your preference, then click the green checkmark to save.

editing and saving enroll [name] in another program in Enrollsy

NOTE: If you want to "delete" this wording; add a period ["."] in place of the text.

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