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Troubleshoot Pricing Not Showing in Payment Plans or Pay-in-Full
Troubleshoot Pricing Not Showing in Payment Plans or Pay-in-Full

Having an issue with Charge Items/Fees not showing up? Here's how to fix it.

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If you have created a Program and your fees are NOT showing up in the Pay-in-Full and/or Payment Plan area, it could be for the following reasons:

Pricing not Published

The Pay-in-Full pricing and/or Payment Plan(s) may not be published. When pricing is first entered under "What is the total cost of each Class?" the pay-in-full payment plan defaults to unpublished (the eye icon is marked out). Click the eye icon to publish.

Charge Item is Optional

The Charge Item is an OPTIONAL item and not REQUIRED:

charge item not showing up on payment plan or pay in full in Enrollsy

You will need to mark any fees such as "Tuition" or "Class Fee" that are required EITHER at enrollment OR on a Payment Plan as "Required" when you set them up on the Items page.

To edit the fee or Charge Item, see "How to edit Charge Items in Payment Plans."

Credit Categories on Classes

If your programs are set up with credits, be sure that each class has the credit category attached (and the credit category is the correct one). You can see the credit category on your Class name, like this:

To add or edit credit categories on classes, go to the Classes page and click the down arrow beside the class, then click the pencil icon to open the class editor. Scroll down to the credits category and add it.

Pricing is not Set Up

Be sure that you have pricing set up either on the Program or on the Class. If the program was duplicated from another, the pricing does not duplicate automatically. You will need to manually add the pricing to the new program or class.

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